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Should an employer reimburse otoplastics?

Jeroen de Groot


Whether you work in construction, in industry, in security, in the hospital or work independently as a handyman, you have to deal with loud noise that can damage your hearing. Of course, there are many other sectors where harmful noise occurs. One of the main causes of hearing damage at work is insufficient use of hearing protection. It can lead to higher absenteeism and a higher risk of workplace accidents. Therefore, prevention through the use of the right hearing protection is very important.

Employer reimbursement for custom-made earplugs in 2022

Many employees are exposed to harmful noise levels on a daily basis. As an employee, you do not want to suffer permanent hearing damage as a result of your work and, of course, as an organization you do not want your employees to be put at unnecessary risk. According to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, you are even obliged to offer professional hearing protection (such as otoplastics) to employees who are exposed to harmful noise levels. But what about the right to otoplastics and their reimbursement?

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In the context of noise exposure and prevention of hearing damage, hearing protection must be made available to workers starting at an exposure level of 80 dB(A).

Reimbursement of otoplastics and wearing obligation for employees

From 85 dB(A) onwards, not only a reimbursement for hearing protection must be made available to employees and employers, but also an obligation to wear the means provided. This should also be monitored by the employer.


Measuring custom-made earplugs

Hans Anders audiologists are happy to help your employees at an establishment near them. Organizations can register once online and download order forms. Employees can make an appointment online or by phone to have otoplastics fitted. They can choose between hard and soft otoplastics, possibly with a free cord and clip or minigrip.

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