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The Netherlands

Seeh Office

Seeh B.V.
5301 DB Zaltbommel
The Netherlands

Tel. +31 (0)85 065 30 56
KVK nr. 67886426
VAT nr. NL857213714B01

Mon - Fri 08.30 to 17.00
Sat - Sun Closed


Seeh B.V.
Wielkamp 1E

5301 DB Zaltbommel
The Netherlands

Tel. +31 (0)85 065 30 56
KVK nr. 67886426
VAT nr. NL857213714B01‍

Most Frequently Asked Questions

How does Seeh work?

Seeh makes it easy for you to purchase screen glasses, safety glasses, otoplastics or sunglasses for your employees. You register once online, and after we have processed your data we will send you the login details. Read here more about how Seeh works.

How can I register as a business customer?

Signing up as a customer is very simple. Just press become a customer and fill in your details. Do you prefer direct contact? Feel free to call us at +31 (0)85 06 530 56

How do I download an order form?

If you want to order from Seeh for your company, you need an account for the Seeh Portal. You can request this account by filling out this form. After we have received your information, we will send you the details to log in to the Seeh Portal within two hours. Choose the product and create a one-time package for your employees. You decide what your employees can order. When you complete the order form you will automatically receive it in your mailbox. You can also download the order form directly. With this voucher, the employee can go to a Hans Anders store near him/her to select safety glasses, screen glasses, otoplastics or (prescription) sunglasses and have them measured. When the product is ready, the employee receives a message and the product can be picked up. And then you will receive the invoice in a simple overview.

Are my glasses ready yet?

If you have ordered a new pair of glasses from Hans Anders, you naturally want to start using them as soon as possible. The delivery time depends on the glasses you have chosen. On average, it takes 7 working days for your new glasses to arrive in the store. You can check the status of your order in the Seeh Portal.

How can I pay as a business customer?

If you want to order safety glasses, screen glasses, otoplastics or (prescription) sunglasses as a business customer, you need an account on the Seeh Portal. We always send the invoice after you have received the product.

How much do prescription safety glasses cost?

Check out the prices of prescription safety glasses.

How much do prescription screen glasses (computer glasses) cost?

Check out the prices of prescription screen glasses.

What does a set of otoplastics cost?

Check out the prices of otoplastics.

What do (prescription) sunglasses cost?

Check out the  prices of (prescription) sunglasses.

What are glasses from the boss?

A pair of glasses you get from your boss are a health and safety provision according to article 20.1.9 of the Payroll Tax Manual. There is a targeted exemption for occupational health and safety provisions that is not at the expense of your free allowance under the work-related costs scheme. These are facilities that ensure the safety and health of the employee. The employee uses the facilities at the (home) workplace or at a location where you implement the Working Conditions Act.

What does my employer reimburse?

Under the Working Conditions Act, every employer is obliged to ensure that employees can do their work safely.
If you need reading glasses and perform screen work, you are entitled to prescription screen glasses, reimbursed by the employer.
If during your work you come or may come into contact with substances or materials that may emit splinters (or loose particles), you are entitled to prescription safety glasses, compensated by the employer.
If you are exposed daily to harmful noise levels then your employer is obliged under the Occupational Health and Safety Act to provide professional hearing protection (such as otoplastics).
If it appears that sunlight during work poses a risk to health and safety then your employer is obliged to provide sunglasses (prescription).