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How it works

Seeh can help you order custom eye and hearing protection such as safety glasses, monitor glasses, sunglasses and otoplastics.

how it works

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How it works

Our customized products

In partnership with Hans Anders, we offer not only expert and free advice, but also high-quality products at competitive prices, all within a streamlined ordering process.

We help you ensure that orders remain within the framework of your company's set regulation. This not only ensures you stay within set budgets, but also ensures you are in line with applicable laws and regulations.

Step 1

Sign up with Seeh

If you want to order as a company, create a business account with Seeh and get access to the Seeh Portal. Here we will also keep you informed about the latest laws and regulations regarding our products. It is also possible to add multiple companies to one account.

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Step 2

Put together your package

As a company, you put together a one-time package in the Seeh Portal specifically for your employees. Within this environment, you determine what employees can order and set the available budget. After these settings, the portal generates an order form in PDF format, which you can then share with your employees.

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seeh how it works
Step 3

Fitting and ordering

Our in-store experts measure glasses or otoplastics and assist in choosing the right product. Employees are welcome in 400+ stores nationwide and in Belgium. If an employee wishes to purchase a product that differs from the allowance stated on the order form or in the regulation, he or she may have to pay extra. Although store employees can offer advice, the final choice always rests with the employee.

All about our partnership with Hans Anders

We have been working with Seeh for some time and are very happy with the products and service. The online system works very conveniently and if something goes wrong it is resolved immediately to our satisfaction.

Tina Van Damme
‍Prevention Advisor

The cooperation with Seeh is very pleasant. Quick communication, easy system for assignment receipts and always willing to think along with specific questions from the hospital.

Madelon Timmerman
Health and Safety Coordinator

Seeh offers our people a choice of trendy safety glasses. No extra appointment at the eye doctor needed because the Hans Anders opticians can measure the prescription in the store itself.

Mirjam Timmer
HR Manager

Seeh offers our people a choice of trendy safety glasses. No extra appointment at the ophthalmologist is needed because the Hans Anders opticians can measure the strength in the store itself.

Suzan Dubbelman, HR Advisor

seeh how it works
Step 4

Receipt of product and invoice

Seeh is the fastest supplier in the business market. Within 7 business days, the customized product is often ready. When the product is ready, your employee will receive a message and the company will receive the invoice clearly presented. In the Seeh Portal you also have insight into the current status of order forms, check reminders and invoicing, all in one central place.

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seeh how it works

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This is what you can expect from us

Simple ordering process

With a few steps, you order quickly and easily for one or more people.

100% satisfaction guarantee

You benefit from our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We always offer you a solution.

Complete glasses at the best price

No complicated instructions or extra charges. Always complete glasses at the best price.

Super fast delivery time

In cooperation with our partners, you enjoy the fastest delivery time in the business market.

Free advice with a smile

Our friendly, experienced experts are happy to offer you free advice.

Always a store nearby

Measuring and advice in more than 400 stores in the Netherlands and in Belgium.

About us

Trusted by more than 6500+ companies in the Netherlands and Belgium

For over 20 years, we have provided over 6,500 companies with safety glasses, monitor glasses, sunglasses and otoplastics. In partnership with Hans Anders, we can provide your business with expert advice, quality products and competitive prices, all within a simple ordering process. With our high customer satisfaction scores and100% satisfaction guarantee, we are the reliable choice for your business.

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