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What is the best way to clean your glasses?

What is the best way to clean your glasses?

Eva de Jongh


You can clean your glasses in different ways. For a quick polish, a microfiber cloth or glasses cloth is ideal. Seeh -Hans Anders Business provides a lens cloth as standard with the purchase of your monitor glasses or prescription safety glasses.

When you want to clean your glasses thoroughly, you can do so by starting by washing your hands with soap and water, and then drying them well. This way, you avoid getting your glasses dirty with your fingers.

Then rinse your glasses with lukewarm water to at least remove dust, so you won't scratch your lenses. Do not use hot water; this can damage the coatings of your glasses.

Next, apply a drop of neutral hand soap to each lens and gently rub it with your fingers over the lenses and frame. Do not use dish soap or other detergent, as it may contain acidic ingredients that can damage the coatings of your lenses.

Rinse your glasses with lukewarm water and then dry them with a microfiber cloth.

And clean are your glasses!

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