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Free toolbox: The importance of hearing protection



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In the context of promoting a healthy work environment and raising awareness about hearing protection, we are excited to offer our newest resource: a free interactive toolbox on the importance of hearing protection. In a world where noise is a constant, from the buzzing city hustle and bustle to the noisy machines at work, the importance of hearing protection is undeniable. Hearing damage is a gradual and often irreversible process that can have a profound impact on our quality of life. That's why we're excited to introduce our free interactive toolbox, an essential toolbox designed to educate your team on the importance of hearing protection.

Discover the importance of hearing protection

Our toolbox opens the door to a thorough understanding of hearing protection. Did you know that the obligation to use hearing protection starts at an average daily dose higher than 85 dB(A)? Or that the risk of hearing damage is already present at 80 dB(A) after only 8 hours of exposure? These facts underscore the crucial importance of taking preventive measures.

What's included in this free toolbox?

1. Hearing protection: why and what?

An in-depth look at the need for hearing protection in a variety of settings and the legal requirements employers must follow.

2. Interactive Experiences

Discover the risks of noise-induced hearing loss, the dangers of high noise levels, and the impact of tinnitus using engaging interactive tools, including a QR code that leads to an audio clip that simulates tinnitus.

3. Different types of hearing protectors

Learn the pros and cons of earmuffs, earplugs and otoplastics and find out which hearing protector best suits your situation.

4. Choosing the right hearing protection

Advice on how to select the most effective hearing protection for your needs.

5. Quiz

Test and increase your knowledge about hearing protection with our interactive quiz, giving you a deeper understanding of this essential topic.

Download the free toolbox now

We invite you to take this crucial step in protecting your hearing by downloading our free interactive hearing protection toolbox.

About Seeh

At Seeh, we understand the importance of both eye and hearing protection. With more than 20 years of experience and a partnership with Hans Anders, we provide companies with the necessary protection and advice. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and a simple ordering process makes us the reliable choice for your safety needs. Protect your hearing today. Download our free toolbox and take control of your auditory health.

In this toolbox we will discuss

  • The importance of hearing protection and the risks of noise
  • Legal Requirements for Hearing Protection
  • Experience tinnitus with your phone
  • Types of hearing protectors and their application
  • Choosing the right hearing protection
  • Interactive quiz about hearing protection
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