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More and more employers are reimbursing for monitor glasses



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Anno 2024 we do almost nothing else: working with screens. As a result, eye protection is also becoming increasingly important. Employers recognize this and are increasingly providing their employees with computer glasses. Investing in computer glasses can reduce absenteeism and increase productivity.

With screen work only increasing, there is a growing group of workers who are experiencing eye problems as a result of working behind a screen. This can lead to symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, dry eyes, back pain and blurred vision.

Custom-made prescription computer glasses can provide the solution to this. These computer glasses are designed with special lenses that reduce eye strain and fatigue. Also, employees with eye problems are entitled to examination and advice from an expert. If it is found that computer glasses can help against the complaints, the employer is obliged to reimburse the cost of the computer glasses.

What are the advantages of prescription screen glasses?

  • Better vision
  • Rest for your eyes
  • Better posture
  • Less burning eyes
  • Less headache

Employers who invest in monitor glasses for their employees see a reduction in absenteeism and an increase in productivity. Employees themselves also often experience an improvement in their eye health and a reduction in complaints resulting from monitor work.

The number of employers investing in prescription monitor glasses for their employees is growing. And not only is the number of requests increasing, the reimbursement per pair of monitor glasses has also risen significantly. Employers are becoming increasingly aware of ensuring a safe healthy work environment and improving employee productivity. Good computer glasses are simply part of that.

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