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Reimbursement for prescription safety glasses in 2024



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An employer must ensure the safety and health of its employees. When workers are at risk of exposure during their work to substances or materials that may emit splinters or loose particles, it is important that they wear proper eye protection, in the form of safety glasses. But what about prescription safety glasses and reimbursement by the employer in 2024?

Should the employer reimburse prescription safety glasses?

The answer is yes. In the context of occupational safety and health, an employer has an obligation to ensure the best working conditions. This includes taking measures to address hazards at the source and minimise exposure to risks. If these measures are not feasible, the employer must provide personal protective equipment, such as safety glasses.

Source: Article 3 Working Conditions Act

Assess through RI&E

Before prescription safety glasses are reimbursed, the employer must first assess whether other protective measures are sufficient. This is done through a risk inventory and evaluation(RI&E). If safety glasses are necessary for the employee's safety and other measures are not sufficient, the employer must reimburse the costs of prescription safety glasses. This emphasizes the importance of the reimbursement for safety glasses by the employer as an essential aspect of occupational safety.

What should be considered when buying prescription safety glasses?

Even in 2024, prescription safety glasses must meet the strict NEN-EN166 standard. This seal guarantees that the glasses meet important safety requirements, including mechanical strength, flammability, corrosion resistance, and that the glasses are allergy-free and irritation-free on skin contact. Safety glasses that meet these standards bear the CE mark, a sign of reliability and quality.

Business customers

In summary, in 2024 employers have a significant responsibility to reimburse prescription safety glasses, both to protect the health of employees and to comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Ensuring proper standardisation and quality, as required by the NEN-EN166 standard, is crucial here. Seeh, in cooperation with Hans Anders, not only offers expert and good advice, but also supplies quality prescription safety glasses specifically for the business market.

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