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How do you choose the right prescription safety glasses for your workers?



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How do you choose the right prescription safety glasses for your workers?

Choosing the right prescription safety glasses for your employees is crucial for both safety and comfort in the workplace. Properly fitting glasses not only protect the eyes, but also allow workers to see and work better. In this blog, we provide a roadmap and some tips for making the best choice.

Step 1: Assess workplace hazards
Step 2: Consult employees
Step 3: Eye examination and prescription
Step 4: Choose the right frames
Step 5: Select the right lenses
Step 6: Test and feedback
Step 7: Regular maintenance and replacement

Step 1: Assess workplace hazards

Begin with a thorough assessment of workplace hazards. Identify the specific hazards that may threaten your workers' eyes, such as flying particles, chemicals, radiation or intense light. This will help you determine what type of safety glasses are needed.

  • Flying particles: In the construction and metal industries, flying metal or wood particles are a common hazard.
  • Chemical exposure: In laboratories and chemical plants, splashes of hazardous substances can seriously damage the eyes.
  • Radiation: People who work with UV light need glasses specially designed to block this radiation.Our self-tinting lenses offer excellent protection in this regard.
  • Intense light: Workplaces with bright light, such as welders, require special filters in the lenses to prevent glare and eye injury.

Step 2: Consult employees

It is important to get input from the employees who will actually wear the eyewear. Ask about their preferences and experiences with previous eyewear. This can provide insight into comfort and practicalities that may otherwise be overlooked.

  • Preferences: Some workers prefer lighter frames, while others want sturdier frames.
  • Experiences: Inquire about previous problems with eyewear, such as pressure points, allergic reactions to certain materials or inadequate protection.
  • Strengths: Discuss the difference between single lenses and progressive lenses. Single lenses are ideal for specific distances, while progressive lenses combine several strengths in one lens, which is essential for workers who need to be able to see at multiple distances. Don't skimp on the quality of these lenses, as they directly affect your workers' comfort and efficiency.

Step 3: Eye examination and prescription

Make sure all employees undergo an eye exam to determine their exact strength. This can be done through our partnership with Hans Anders, who provide eye measurement and prescription services. An accurate measurement is essential to the comfort and effectiveness of safety glasses.

  • Free eye examination: Hans Anders offers free eye examinations in all their stores. This ensures that employees get the correct prescription at no extra cost to the company.
  • Accessibility: With stores located throughout the country, it is easy for employees to schedule an eye exam and pick up their glasses.

Step 4: Choose the right frame

The frame should be sturdy, comfortable and suitable for the specific working conditions. At Seeh, we have a wide range of frames available in all Hans Anders stores.

  • Plastic frames: lightweight and often hypoallergenic, ideal for workers who must wear their glasses for long hours. They are flexible and often offer greater comfort with extended use.
  • Metal frames: More durable and offer a sleeker look, but can cause allergic reactions in some people. They are often adjustable for a better fit and can last longer under harsh conditions.

Step 5: Select the right lenses

The lenses of the safety glasses should not only have the correct prescription, but also provide the necessary protection against the identified hazards.

  • Scratch-resistant coatings: Extend the life of glasses by reducing scratches.
  • Anti-reflective coatings: help reduce glare, especially in bright light environments.
  • UV protection: Essential for outdoor work or work in high UV radiation environments.
  • Polarization: Reduces glare from reflective surfaces, ideal for outdoor work.
  • Specific coatings: At Seeh, we offer superior coatings for extra durability, but for welders, we recommend lesser coatings to avoid vision problems.

Trivex lenses

Our prescription safety glasses come standard with Trivex lenses. These lenses are lightweight, durable and offer excellent optical clarity, making them ideal for safety glasses.

Step 6: Test and feedback

Have employees test the eyewear in their daily work environment. Collect feedback on wearing comfort, vision and any problems. This helps to make any adjustments and confirm the best choice.

Step 7: Regular maintenance and replacement

Ensure that a system is in place for the regular maintenance and, if necessary, replacement of safety glasses. Glasses that are damaged or worn out no longer provide proper protection.

  • Maintenance: Clean regularly and check for damage.
  • Replacement: Recommend replacing eyewear annually or sooner if damaged to ensure the highest safety.

Importance of proper standardization: EN-166

At Seeh, we ensure that all of our safety glasses comply with the EN-166 standard. This standard specifies the requirements that safety glasses must meet, such as impact resistance, optical clarity and protection against different types of hazards. By choosing eyewear that meets this standard, you are assured of maximum protection and quality.

In conclusion

Choosing the right prescription safety glasses for your employees is an investment in their safety and well-being. By carefully evaluating the workplace, consulting with employees, taking accurate eye measurements, and testing eyewear in the field, you can ensure that your employees are optimally protected. This not only improves their safety and comfort, but also contributes to overall productivity and satisfaction within the company.

If you need more advice or have specific questions about safety glasses, feel free to contact us. We offer free advice and are happy to help you make the best choices for your business.

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