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How good are Trivex lenses?

How good are Trivex lenses?

Eva de Jongh


You may have heard of it: Trivex lenses. But how good are these Trivex lenses? We're happy to explain it to you in our blog.

Super thin but extremely strong

Are these Trivex lenses really that good? The answer is YES. The functionality of Trivex is so good that its technology was originally used for military purposes. From a workplace, you expect to be able to work there safely. But when your vision is impaired, it can lead to dangerous situations. With prescription safety glasses where Trivex lenses are standard, you offer your workers the most comfortable prescription safety glasses.

Advantages of Trivex lenses

  • Lightest lens material on the market
  • Extremely powerful solidity
  • Known for its optical clarity
  • Very suitable for rimless frames
Trivex spectacle lenses

Optimal protection with Trivex lenses

The functionality of Trivex is so good that its technology was initially used for military purposes.

We hope that by now you are convinced of the power of Trivex lenses. We are, because we offer standard Trivex lenses in our prescription safety glasses. Our Trivex lenses for prescription safety glasses comply with the EN166 standard and offer impact protection combined with the sturdy frame. In addition to their high impact resistance, Trivex lenses offer the added benefit that they can be ground thinner than normal lenses without compromising safety. This allows your employee to work with prescription safety glasses that not only ensure clear vision but also an appropriate lens thickness.

The difference between Trivex and other glass materials (such as polycarbonate, CR38 or tempered glass)

Easily order your safety goggles with standard Trivex lenses

Do you have any questions about Trivex lenses? Feel free to send us a message using the contact form. Are you looking for prescription safety glasses for your employees? We have the most comfortable and best priced prescription safety glasses. With a choice of single lens or progressive lenses and both modern plastic and metal frames. So your employee always has the perfect pair of prescription safety glasses. Measurements can be taken in every Hans Anders store in your area.

Arrange proper protection for your employees immediately.

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