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How does the measuring of otoplastics work?



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Seeh's hearing protection is as unique as a fingerprint, because the earplugs are individually fittedble. fitted. The otoplastics are personally customised, making the hearing protection feel very comfortable.

Measuring otoplastics in the store or on location

Seeh and Hans Anders make it easy for you to purchase customised otoplastics for your employees. For this you can visit one of the Hans Anders stores in your area or we can visit you at your location (from 5 persons per fitting session). The otoplastics will then be measured on site, and we offer the same excellent service for periodic checks for leakproofness. Hans Anders' audiologists and field service staff are at your service.

Measuring or checking otoplastics in a Hans Anders store

For in-store fitting, your employees can visit one of the Hans Anders stores. Your employees can easily make an appointment online for the measurement of earplugs. That's all your employees have to do to have their hearing protection measured!

Measuring or checking otoplastics on site

Would you rather have the otoplastics measured or checked periodically at your location? Starting from 5 sets per session, it is possible to have otoplastics measured or checked at your location. Simply schedule an appointment.

How do I order otoplastics?

You register yourself once online. Then you simply create an order form. Your employee can visit one of the Hans Anders audio stores with the order form. The customised hearing protection is measured by Hans Anders specialist audiologists. Would you like to have otoplastics measured on-site? This is possible! From 5 persons per fitting session we will come to your location. Simply make an appointment for this.

As soon as the otoplastics are ready, your employee will be contacted. The custom-made earplugs can then be picked up at a time that suits him or her. And Seeh will then send you the invoice. So your employees don't have to pay anything in advance in the store. So you see, it hardly costs you any extra time to order otoplastics for your employees.

Customised otoplastics
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We provide companies with appropriate eye and hearing protection. In cooperation with Hans Anders, we offer free consultation and a simple ordering process.

With the highest customer satisfaction and rating in the business market, we are the reliable choice for your company.

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