What does the Working Conditions Act say about monitor glasses?



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In the Occupational Health and Safety Act you will find rules about healthy and safe working. Rules that employers must comply with. The Arbo has also drawn up rules about computer glasses. We would like to tell you more about them.

The Working Conditions Decree says the following when it comes to possible risks around computer work:

  • After two hours, an employee is entitled to a break or work other than computer work.
  • Prior to engaging in computer work or in the event of the occurrence of eye complaints as a result of computer work, an employee may have a (preventive) eye examination.
  • The employer is obliged to record the possible dangers of computer work for physical strain and vision and the above rules in his risk inventory and evaluation (RI&E). He must also indicate in it what measures he takes to prevent or alleviate eye complaints and other health complaints that (may) result from computer work. Compensation for computer glasses must also be included.

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What does the occupational health and safety law say about monitor glasses

The Working Conditions Decree lists the following rights for employees who do computer work:

An employee who is going to do computer work may have an occupational health examination related to eyes and eyesight prior to this work. He may undergo this examination again if visual disturbances occur that may result from the computer work. If necessary, the employee may have additional ophthalmological examination/medical eye examination.

If the results of either examination show that special corrective lenses are required, the employer must provide them. Especially when ordinary corrective lenses cannot be used.

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Monitor glasses must be reimbursed by the employer according to the Occupational Health and Safety Act in the following cases:

  • To employees who need reading glasses and do computer work.
  • To employees who need monitor glasses and spend an average of more than two hours a day in front of a computer. Thus, the Occupational Health and Safety Act says about screen glasses that their purchase cost must be reimbursed by the employer.

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