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How are otoplastics fitted?



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When someone is exposed to sounds above 80 dB(A) for at least 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, it can cause permanent damage. And of course this benefits no one, neither your employees nor your company. As a company, you are obliged to take (appropriate) measures to minimize hearing damage among your employees. With custom-made otoplastics, for example.

Ordering otoplastics

As of 5 employees, we will come to you to measure otoplastics on site. Making an appointment is very simple:

1. You log in to the Seeh ordering and management platform. There you choose 'create order form'. You choose otoplastics and then 'otoplastics on location'. You then complete the order form.

2. We will call you to schedule an appointment. Our otometrist will then visit you to measure the otoplastics.

How does the appointment work?

1. First, the otometrist will ask you a few things about your health. For example, whether you currently have a cold or if you have ever had surgery on your ears. This is to check if your ears are suitable for wearing otoplastics.

2. Next, the service person will take a look at your ear canal. Does everything look healthy and you have no cerumen plugs? Then we move on to the next step: injecting the silicone paste.

3. First, two small cotton balls are inserted into your ears to hold back the silicone material. When these are well seated, the silicone paste is very gently injected into the ear and then has to harden for a few minutes. It is then best for the impression if you do not talk or laugh, or chew gum, for example. When you move your jaw, your ear moves with it, and this can distort the impression.

Measuring otoplastics

4. Is the impression hard? Then the otometrist gently removes it. Your impression is unique to your ear and is carefully stored and sent to you. And after two weeks you will receive your unique otoplastics!

Do you have any questions?

Want to know more about fitting otoplastics? With 20 years of experience, we are happy to give you expert advice, completely free of obligation. View our custom otoplastics or contact our specialists.

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