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Reimbursements for screen glasses in 2024



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The demand for screen glasses will continue to increase in 2024. The Occupational Health and Safety Act requires employers to take appropriate measures when an employee performs screen work.

But what about the reimbursement for screen glasses in 2024? We are happy to explain it in this knowledge article.

When do you need screen glasses?

First, it is important to determine when a person needs prescription screen glasses. Many occupations require intensive screen work. This can cause various annoying health issues, such as arm, neck and shoulder pain, and eye problems. Blinking less during prolonged screen use makes your eyes dry and can cause fatigue. Screen glasses, often called computer glasses, feature specially ground lenses that provide clear vision on the screen as well as effortless reading of documents at the desk.

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Should the employer reimburse screen glasses?

Yes, according to the Working Conditions Act, employers must provide a safe working environment, and this also applies to screen work(Working Conditions Decree Article 5.11). There are specific guidelines for screen work: employers must offer their employees an eye examination before they start screen work or if they develop eye complaints. If the examination shows that screen glasses are needed, the employer must provide them.

If it turns out that screen glasses can reduce the complaints, employers must offer a solution by providing screen glasses. Employees who need reading glasses for their computer work are eligible for reimbursement of screen glasses by their employer.

Are screen glasses tax deductible for employers?

Screen glasses are tax deductible. Under certain conditions, an employer can reimburse, provide or make available computer glasses tax-free. Screen glasses are a mandatory occupational health and safety provision and fall within the work-related costs scheme, which means that they are specifically exempted and are not at the expense of the free space. In order to be able to apply this exemption, a number of conditions apply.


  1. These health and safety provisions are mandatory and derive directly from the Working Conditions Act. They are provisions that ensure the safety and health of the employee.
  2. The employee uses or consumes the facilities (in whole or in part) at the (home) workplace or at a place where implementation of the Working Conditions Act is carried out.
  3. No costs are passed on to the employee. Thus, the employee may not pay a personal contribution for the provisions. The exchange of a taxed wage component for an untaxed provision is also considered a personal contribution, for example in cafeteria arrangements.

More luxurious frames

It is essential that the prescription of the glass is correct. If an employee prefers a more luxurious frame than what the employer offers, this is allowed. However, the targeted exemption does not apply to the additional costs of these frames.

Source: Payroll Tax Manual version February 2023, 2nd edition, article 22.1.9.

What is the maximum reimbursement for screen glasses?

There are no legal or tax maximum amounts for the reimbursement of screen glasses by the employer. A maximum compensation may vary depending on the company policies and the individual employment contract.

It is important for companies, as with other personal protective equipment provided, to develop a policy.

Policy development for screen glasses

Are you in the process of establishing a regulation for computer glasses? Then consult our new white paper 'How to set up an effective regulation for screen glasses?'. This white paper contains:

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  • Practical information on laws and regulations
  • Benefits of monitor glasses for your business

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Seeh helps you with screen glasses

In summary, the need for computer glasses is becoming increasingly clear, both from a health point of view and due to legal requirements. In 2024, employers will have to pay more attention than ever to the visual health of employees who regularly perform screen work.

For more detailed information on setting up a reimbursement scheme for screen glasses, as well as insight into relevant laws and regulations, we invite you to apply for a business account. In addition, Seeh is always ready to support you in finding the right screen glasses for your team, in collaboration with our exclusive partner Hans Anders. Together, we ensure a healthier workplace and comply with the latest regulations.

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